Snowboard Camp in Whistler, Canada

I have a week off in between jobs in June.Since I didn’t get any snowboarding days in my system the past winter,  I was thinking are there anywhere on earth that I can go snowboarding?   Out of shear luck or coincident, I found the Treeline Snowboard Camp on Google. This camp is definitely challenging physically and mentally, I do regret it a little I signed up for a whole week of camp. By the end of 3rd day, I was completely exhausted.  Like the other campers, I should sign up for two days, take a day off, and come back the last day or two.

Overall, it’s a really fun camp. I met a lot of good campers and became good friends. Learned how to do a backflip on a trampoline, manage to do a half-180°, ride a rail boardslide, ollie? WTF is this, tried the giant jump multiple times without landing on the taint, riding the puss-pinching T-bar,  riding switch, etc

I wish I have more photos or videos to share but I am still waiting for my coach to send our videos to us.

dji phantom 1 with cheap gimbal installation

I have been playing around with my dji phantom drone for a while to capture arial videos around my neighborhood. One constant problem is my neighborhood is kinda windy and the video comes out shaky. Pretty much every single movement from the drone is directly transferred to the camera, hence to the video.

Video without gimbal:

In order to get less shaky image, you have to install an image stabilizer, aka gimbal.

dji phantom 1 with gimbal
dji phantom 1 with gimbal

After installing the gimbal, the video is definitely a lot smoother and as an add-on bonus, I can also control the tilt/pitch (meaning rotating up or down) of where the camera is pointing at. Here’s a video after installing the camera:

And apparently, my dog loves it too 😀