Snowboard Camp in Whistler, Canada

I have a week off in between jobs in June.Since I didn’t get any snowboarding days in my system the past winter,  I was thinking are there anywhere on earth that I can go snowboarding?   Out of shear luck or coincident, I found the Treeline Snowboard Camp on Google. This camp is definitely challenging physically and mentally, I do regret it a little I signed up for a whole week of camp. By the end of 3rd day, I was completely exhausted.  Like the other campers, I should sign up for two days, take a day off, and come back the last day or two.

Overall, it’s a really fun camp. I met a lot of good campers and became good friends. Learned how to do a backflip on a trampoline, manage to do a half-180°, ride a rail boardslide, ollie? WTF is this, tried the giant jump multiple times without landing on the taint, riding the puss-pinching T-bar,  riding switch, etc

I wish I have more photos or videos to share but I am still waiting for my coach to send our videos to us.

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