The all mighty CURL!

I love using curl to do HTTP queries. Some people prefer Postman or some other UI tools to check http calls but for me CURL is the shit for me.

Come across a really good post about how you can actually ask for specific headers to show in the output:

Basically, you can use the “-w” option and there are a list of variables you can use:

  • url_effective
  • http_code
  • http_connect
  • time_total
  • time_namelookup
  • time_connect
  • time_pretransfer
  • time_redirect
  • time_starttransfer
  • size_download
  • size_upload
  • size_header
  • size_request
  • speed_download
  • speed_upload
  • content_type
  • num_connects
  • num_redirects
  • ftp_entry_path

Won’t say too much here since it’s all inĀ Artem Russakovskii’s post.

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