Shing Mun Country Park

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I haven’t been to a country park in Hong Kong for a very long while. This time, because of a childhood friend and her kids, I got to visit one of them again. Thank you Nicam!!

Shing Mun Country Park is located at the northern part of the Kowloon Peninsula. For all the details about the park, visit: . No need for me to repeat it in this post.

One story I do want to remember is related to the huge groups of Macaque monkeys around that area. While hiking around the reservoir, there are  groups of Macaque monkeys hanging around and you can see them pretty much everywhere. Since the notorious reputation of the monkeys stealing food from hikers, we stopped at a spot which did not see any monkeys within our sight for a snack.

By the time we started to hike again, two kids still each had a bag of potato chips in their hands. While crossing a creek, there was a group of monkeys on the other side of the crossing. Ching, the older girl due to her fear of monkeys (and she should), already putting her bag of chips away in a side pocket of her backpack. However, the boy, Long, was still munching on. By the time, we crossed the creek, there was already a monkey trailing Long’s backpack, right at the moment when he finished putting the chip bag away and started taking the narrow trail to go uphill, the monkey closed the distant and snatched the bag of chips from Long’s backpack side pocket. Just a split second, chips were gone and the trail of monkeys running away from us and following the monkey who got the food.

In hind sight, this is a funny incident. We all got a good laugh out of this.